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Eva Micholt

Communication expert with focus on optimising customer interactions.

As a child, I had two big dreams: to become a teacher or a journalist. Driven by my passion to empower people and give them direction, I eventually chose teaching. After two years, I noticed that the teaching environment did not offer me enough challenge and perspective. So I naturally rolled into the world of marketing and communications.

Now, with more than 20 years of experience as a customer experience expert and corporate trainer in various service-oriented companies, my passion remains unchanged: empowering people and companies. I strongly believe in taking on new challenges together, providing the necessary frameworks and direction so that companies can take their own steps towards a more customer-centric policy.

By pursuing strong, respectful interactions, I want to contribute to less negativity and more positive and constructive interactions. As a CX expert and mediator, I am convinced that wonderful collaborations, products, support and new ideas can emerge from these respectful interactions.

A simple but effective approach!

  • Discover an approach to customer centricity that instantly strengthens your business and clear strategies you can apply immediately. Her training programmes and advice focus on simple, measurable actions that generate a positive impact on the complete customer experience.

  • Receive advice based on well-founded insights and years of practical experience. The learning paths guarantee practical and result-oriented learning, but also offer inspiring experiences. Based on solid pedagogical knowledge, she actively challenges you to reflect, explore new perspectives and creatively apply the knowledge gained.

  • Using a structured approach, she guides, together with you, your company and employees towards greater customer orientation. After all, business transformation and training go hand in hand, together we strive for your growth and success.

A network of customer experts and interaction designers.

To give you the support you need, we bring in the right specialists for your project. To do so, we call on our extensive network of experts within the various domains of customer experience, communication, interaction and learning design. In this way, we guarantee that your project has the right thrust.

For any organisation!

Whether you are a small business looking to improve its customer service, or a large company in need of a new customer-centric focus, Crisp Interactions will get you started.

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