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Training and workshops

Hands-on training programmes that sharpen customer centricity

The training programmes ensure that your employees are equipped with a comprehensive set of skills. They receive the necessary knowledge to create positive interactions and to turn difficult interactions or complaints into customer satisfaction. This ensures that your employees have a direct impact on customer satisfaction.

We tailor the training courses to your organisation so that your employees can put these skills into practice.

There is also the open offer. As the name suggests, anyone can subscribe to this.

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Customised training. Customer-oriented communication

Customer-oriented skills:

these are effective techniques that lead to clear and solution-oriented communication with customers.

Addressing complaints:

learn using strategies and techniques to turn complaints and difficult interactions into opportunities.

Proactivity in customer interaction:

learn to anticipate customer requests and effectively add value to every customer contact.

Customer-oriented foundations

Getting started with customer centricity:

understand what customer centricity really means, how it translates to your organisation and what specific actions you can take to get started.

Deepdive customer centricity:

a two-day master class highlighting every part of customer centricity: from understanding customer behaviour and needs, to designing a seamless customer journey and building strong customer relationships.

Customer feedback for continuous improvement

collect and understand customer feedback. Use insights to improve products and services.

Personalise like a pro

Set up unique interactions for each customer, tailored to their preferences and needs.

Master profitable customer interactions

Learn how to map, understand and optimise the customer journey. You will immediately see how to anticipate needs, solve problems early and create positive experiences with customer journeys.